Biomass pellet machine to reduce energy imports

Issuing time:2017-12-28 11:37

Biomass pellet machine as a new type of environmental protection equipment. The advantages of its production of biofuels are very obvious. Biofuels produced by biomass pellet machines have three advantages. First of all. In terms of environmental protection, biomass pellet fuel contains sulfur, nitrogen, ash content is very low, in line with clean fuel indicators, burning without using any measures to meet the national environmental requirements, and biomass pellets are agricultural waste as raw materials, the production process will not produce "three wastes" and other pollution. It is the mainstream fuel in the future.

Secondly, the current fossil energy is increasingly scarce, the price is relatively high, biomass energy is a new type of energy, with environmental protection, low price, reliable and other characteristics, the use of bioenergy instead of natural gas, fuel oil, etc., can achieve energy-saving benefits.

After that, the state issued a series of subsidies, subsidies and other preferential policies on the use of clean energy, energy conservation and emission reduction, hoping to curb air warming and global economic cooling by vigorously promoting the use of biomass energy.

Biomass pellet fuel has a high calorific value and no pollution. Compared with coal and oil, it is very cost-effective, and the saved funds can be reinvested to promote economic prosperity. The ash after the combustion of granular fuel, because it is processed as biomass, can be used directly for grass and wood fertilizers, and can also be mixed with other organic fertilizers to help agricultural development.

Biomass pellet machine uses a variety of biomass waste as raw material production, for our country with low resource reserves, it is very worth promoting. Moreover, the recycling of waste also reduces the area of waste and maintains the appearance of the city. For environmental protection, resource regeneration, the development of new energy, are a lot of benefits! The extensive use of pellet fuel can reduce the development and use of coal resources, the exploitation of oil resources, and reduce the dependence on energy imports. It is also of great help to our country's economic independence.

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