Experts say it is more urgent to develop biofuels than ethanol

Issuing time:2017-12-28 11:31

Fifteen ministries and commissions jointly issued a document, clearly pointed out that within three years in the nationwide push for bioethanol fuel for vehicles.

Biodiesel and bioethanol gasoline belong to the comprehensive utilization of renewable biomass resources, and in the view of many biodiesel industry insiders, ethanol gasoline has been promoted by the country, which will bring the development of biodiesel, which is the same biomass liquid fuel.

To this end, Lu Bo, chairman of the National Biodiesel Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, recently called for the "2017 First China Energy Industry Annual Meeting" hosted by China Energy News: "It is hoped that the state will introduce a mandatory biodiesel addition policy as soon as possible in accordance with the efforts and methods of promoting ethanol gasoline, and establish a closed application demonstration zone for the biodiesel industry in areas with conditions throughout the country, such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and Yunnan Province, which is conducive to summarizing experience and laying the foundation for large-scale promotion and application in the country." The central oil enterprises should also reach a consensus as soon as possible to release the promotion and application of biodiesel."

Biodiesel contributes to the green transformation of liquid fuels

According to the data released by the National Energy Administration, by the end of 2016, photovoltaic, wind power, hydropower and other renewable power installed capacity has accounted for 34.6% of the total installed power in China, and the consumption of renewable power has accounted for 25.4% of the total social electricity consumption, which has strongly promoted the continuous optimization of the domestic power supply structure. In contrast, the development of renewable liquid fuel in China is significantly lagging behind, the actual consumption in 2016 is only about 3 million tons, less than 1% of the national refined oil consumption, has become the current energy transformation of the outstanding short board.

At present, the development of bio-liquid fuel in our country has been recognized by the national law and policy level. Article 16 of the Renewable Energy Law clearly states: "The State encourages the clean and clean development and utilization of biomass fuels and encourages the development of energy crops." "The State encourages the production and use of bio-liquid fuels." According to the eight ministries and commissions jointly issued at the end of December last year, "on the national full supply of the fifth stage of the national mandatory standard auto oil product Announcement" requirements, from January 1 this year, the national full supply of national V standard auto gasoline. The announcement also made it clear that the national Ⅴ standard E10 ethanol gasoline and B5 biodiesel were also promoted.

"This time, the fifteen ministries and commissions clearly promote the use of automotive ethanol gasoline nationwide, and basically cover the whole country by 2020, which means that the green transformation of gasoline adding biomass fuel is basically realized." The promotion of biodiesel should be as important as the promotion of ethanol gasoline, which can be used as a reference to the experience of ethanol gasoline and promote the mandatory addition of biodiesel to petrochemical diesel at the national level." Lu Bo further stressed that in order to cope with the current severe air pollution situation, accelerate the upgrading of the quality of refined oil products, and make all waste oil into automotive biodiesel, regional closure, and large-scale promotion and use are of great significance.

The development of biodiesel is more urgent than ethanol

The reporter learned that the development of biodiesel and ethanol gasoline based on bioethanol fuel is related to the food safety of our country, the former is based on the treatment of "gutter oil", the latter is based on the treatment of "stale grain"; Secondly, both of them are based on the comprehensive utilization of renewable resources and are environment-friendly products in the whole life cycle, and their promotion and use conform to the general trend of green, low-carbon, circular and sustainable development vigorously advocated by today's society.

In the view of many people in the industry, like bioethanol fuel, biodiesel has the same foundation for development, and the development of biodiesel is more urgent than the development of bioethanol fuel.

Data show that since the national pilot was launched in 2001, in 2016, the annual consumption of ethanol gasoline reached nearly 2.6 million tons. Biodiesel made from "gutter oil" has also entered the fast track of development since 2004, with a production capacity of 3.5 million tons/year.

Sinopec Petrochemical Research Institute professor senior engineer Lin Jianmin said that from the perspective of eliminating the "gutter oil" return to the table, the development of biodiesel is more urgent than bioethanol fuel. Lin Jianmin further pointed out that "the difficulty of reconciling biodiesel with traditional petrochemical diesel is far less than that of reconciling ethanol with gasoline. It seems that although biodiesel has missed the priority application period, it is not too late to mend." If the country can promote ethanol gasoline to develop biodiesel, the biodiesel industry should be greatly improved.

Refinery deployment can break through entry barriers

The industry generally believes that, with reference to the promotion experience of bioethanol gasoline, although the development prospects of biodiesel in our country are worth looking forward to, it will still be difficult to move forward in the case of a broad consensus and strong promotion of the various participants.

The first anti-monopoly case in the domestic petroleum system, Yunnan Yingding Bioenergy Co., Ltd. v. Sinopec for refusing to accept its biodiesel in accordance with relevant regulations, is a typical case. After more than three and a half years and four trials of the "tug of war", on September 13, the Yunnan High Court made a second instance judgment, rejecting all the claims of Yunnan Ying Ding, and maintaining the original judgment. This means that the reality of "poor sales" that has plagued the development of biodiesel for many years will continue.

In the view of Xu Xiaodong, director of the former research office of the Environmental Protection Committee of the National People's Congress, biodiesel should open up the problem of "poor sales", like ethanol gasoline, and complete the deployment in the refining processing link rather than the sales link. "According to this process design, neither additional investment and mixing difficulty, nor change the original petrochemical diesel allocation and settlement procedures, 'Solve the problem of petrochemical diesel import, open up market barriers' can be easily solved."

The forced closure demonstration is practical

Lu Bo further explained that the promotion of biodiesel should be forced from the raw material link, so that the "gutter oil" is closed into the biodiesel production enterprise, and then the qualified biodiesel products are added and mixed into the petrochemical refinery link, and then forced closed sales.

"For reference to the promotion of biodiesel abroad and the experience of our country's development of ethanol gasoline, the compulsory closure demonstration is realistic and feasible." In the interview, Lu Bo repeatedly stressed that the process of promoting the application of biodiesel "should first establish demonstration zones to sum up experience, and then further promote the country." Many interviewed experts believe that the demonstration area can be selected in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, "where logistics is developed, dense population, restaurants, and raw materials of gutter oil are rich"; Yunguichuan area can also be selected, "where the plateau is hypoxic, very suitable for the use of biodiesel, and has a good oil crop growth environment."

In particular, it is worth mentioning that at present, China has no special oil products suitable for high cold, high altitude and low pressure areas. Some experts pointed out that the emission reduction effect of high-standard oil is not obvious in plateau mountains and mountain roads, and it will even increase pollution due to insufficient combustion. Adding a certain proportion of biodiesel to petrochemical diesel not only helps to improve the combustion efficiency, but also improves the wear resistance, lubricity and cetane number of diesel. Therefore, biodiesel is especially suitable for Qinghai, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan, Heilongjiang and other areas of high cold, high altitude, low pressure and drastic changes in temperature.

According to the "Research Report on the performance of Diesel B5 biodiesel platform in the Plateau Region" recently completed by Kunming University of Science and Technology, for areas with special atmospheric environment on the plateau (such as the Yunnan Plateau with a wide area and a high proportion of mountain roads and high altitude special areas), a certain proportion of oxygenated biodiesel is mixed in petrochemical diesel, especially national V diesel. It is conducive to improving the power and economic performance of diesel vehicles under low speed and heavy load conditions, and can effectively reduce carbon monoxide and particulate matter emissions, while reducing nitrogen oxide emissions to a certain extent, which can achieve the comprehensive effect goal of optimizing and improving the performance and emission characteristics of diesel vehicles.

Xu Xiaodong pointed out that the establishment of biodiesel closed demonstration zones in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region or Yunguicuan region can not only effectively solve the problem of haze caused by heavy truck diesel vehicles using low-quality and low-quality diesel, but also digest the gutter oil in the closed area, but also help to drive out low-quality and low-quality oil, which is conducive to high-standard oil products occupying the market, driving CNPC and Sinopec refineries to produce at full capacity and increase profits.

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