Weihong Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of lithium batteries. The company mainly produces lithium polymer batteries, and has built an annual output of 100 million batteries. The company's products are widely used in UAV, car starting, motorcycle starting and other fields, medical equipment, electric bicycles, scooters, mobile machine stations and other backup energy storage power, Bluetooth headphones, digital cameras, smart phones and other digital fields. The company always adheres to the values of "research-based, innovation, excellence, people-oriented, diligent wisdom", researchers can innovate in order to have excellent products, people are industrious and intelligent, and the "Ding" force of all people can make first-class products. Advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, well-trained team is a strong guarantee of high yield and high quality. The company has more than 50 engineering and technical personnel of all kinds, involving battery materials, battery technology, power technology and other fields, and has established a research and development center in cooperation with Chongqing University, keeping up with the development trend of the world's high-energy environmental protection batteries, and constantly introducing high-tech products to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad.
1. Ingredients
2. Apply
3. Roll press
4. Stripe
5.1 Automatic Production
5.2 Automatic winding
5.3 Stacking
6. Die
7. Inject liquid
8. High pressure formation
9. Two straight lines
10. Partition
Weihong Energy adheres to the corporate mission of "delivering trust and achieving dreams". With the concept of "punctuality, safety, service, economy", Focus on providing customers with cost-effective customized services.
Hangzhou Weihong Energy is a lithium battery research and development base, located in Lin 'an District, Hangzhou. R&d and innovation is an important strategic component of Weihong's development. At present, we have established a new model of integration of industry-university-research and development. Starting from product design, we constantly improve products and increase product customization features to meet market demand. Chongqing Weihong Energy is a lithium battery manufacturing base, located in Zhong County, Chongqing, with a plant area of about 16,000 square meters, equipped with clean purification workshop, the use of novel fully automated equipment.
Obtain ISO certification
Passed the EU CE certification
Passed the UN38.3 certification
Passed the ROHS certification
The battery cycle life can reach 3000 times
Free of acids and heavy metals
Support all sectors of energy
Not explosive, not flammable
Chongqing Weihong Energy Technology Co., LTD
Address: 1-1, 1st Floor, Building 3, 100,000 square meters standard factory, Wuyang Street Industrial Park, Zhongxian County, Chongqing Contact: Shao Liyan Contact number: 13735464421